Who We Are

We are those whose labor creates the wealth of society.

We are professionals of our trade.

We are those who see the goal and know how to reach it.

And we are done waiting when «serious people with big money» will start thinking about those at whose expense they live.

Their lifestyle - a constant feast in time of plague, consumption for the sake of consumption, profits at any cost in the name of profits - disgusts us.

We cannot stand idle while they sacrifice people's lives and the whole planet alongside them to satisfy their perverted needs See our work on the limits of the modern economic system..
We have waited far too long for them to remember about something other than their own ambitions. They did not, and our patience has run out.

What we are going to do

Our overall plan of action can be found in a section called Our Strategy. The description of what we strive to achieve - in the section called Our Agenda and in our Manifesto.

The main concept can be summarized in two sentences:

  1. To awaken the political consciousness of the working people and make them understand their own interests by all available means.
  2. To then transform the social order and the economy according to a just and fair model of sustainable development.

These goals are massive in scope, non-standard and very broad. A lot will have to be made from scratch. It will be a difficult, but interesting, task.

What we AREN'T going to do

To avoid any misunderstanding we will give a list of things we're going to avoid in advance:

  • We are not going to create an organization dedicated to one particular person. Everyone has to be responsible for our common future, and this is why we reject blind faith in leaders.
  • We are not going to ape the appearance of mainstream parties and other official organizations, from their paper-pushing bureaucracy to their parliamentory cretinism. Their goal is to slightly improve the existing system. Their strategy is to become part of the system and obey its laws. We have other goals and methods.
  • We are not going to beg for money and gather funds on unexplained needs like «continuing the struggle» or «support our websites». Our usual income from labor is enough to support our everyday activities. If a project's members cannot cover its basic expenses themselves - this project is worthless from the start. To achieve one-time goals that we cannot fund with our own resources we may start a fundraiser with specific objectives and obligatory reports on the results and expenses that actually took place.
  • We are not going to gather another fringe group for social outcasts to socialize. We evaluate our own and others' actions by their results. We reject useless activities, like events where participants give each other awards for «achievements in the struggle for/against something or other». Ritualistic actions and close-knit groups with unhealthy atmosphere reveal the true purpose of these organizations - to create a small microcosm of similar people and hide in it from the wider world. We accept reality as it is to change it.
  • We are not going to sell T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise with our «original insignia». We're not a flea market.
  • We are not going to make money, we‘re not a commercial project. Which means we’re not interested in selling our articles, showing advertisements, and so on.
Tor Hidden Services
A short overview of how Tor hidden services work
The Militia System
An outline of a possible model for the army of the future, based on historical and contemporary armed forces. How to achieve relatively high combat readiness on a limited budget and prevent the army from becoming a mindless tool, used by the minority to suppress the majority.
Tor Project: Overview
A short overview of what Tor is and how it works
Mass surveillance today
Modern technology allows the creation of massive surveillance systems, the capabilities of which surpass even the most lurid fantasies found in famous dystopian science fiction novels of the XX century. These technologies are already being implemented in the so-called developed countries of the world. At the same time, governments legally entitle their security services to spy on anyone and everyone, with or without cause. Here we offer only a few examples that became public knowledge in the last months.
The Psychological Consequences of Money
The Psychological Consequences of Money - a study on the psychological effects of money shows that reminders of money make people more selfish and prone to distancing themselves from others.
The Limits of The System
«The Limits of the Modern Economic System» - a paper on the natural limitations to economic growth within the present model, which compiles the works of various economists and scientists of the past (such as D. Ricardo and K. Marx) and the present (such as D. Meadows and T. Piketty). The paper covers the issue of the probable scenarios of a global crisis and possible ways to overcome it.
The Manifesto of our project is a short overview of the historical development of humanity from prehistory to modernity. It shows the inevitability of change and our part in creating the fair and just society of the future, as well as the general outline of its economic and social traits.