The main goal of our project is to propose and implement a social order that would satisfy the interests of the majority of people, which are, first and foremost:

  • Social equity.
  • Progress for sake of the common good.
  • A healthy, comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Modern-day humanity is subservient to a tiny minority, the luxurious lifestyle of which is provided by the toil of the majority that is often deprived of a minimum of goods and services. And this minority, the organized ruling class, will defend their privileges to the last. Historical experience shows that any negotiation with them is ultimately impossible.

An organized force can only be defeated by another organized force. Which is why our first objective is to unite the people and prepare them to fight for a progressive and just society, the greatest value of which should be the common good.

We don't have to wait for a «suitable situation» or a lucky chance. We have to act here and now, while avoiding unnecessary risks and meaningless extravagant gestures. We have to be careful and always keep in mind that our goal can only be achieved by following the principles of organized cooperation

The shape of our common future depends on us.